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Corporate CEOs, like us, care about the future and nature of where work is heading.

Corporate CEOs wanting to thrive this digital revolution raising workforce skills to required transformation levels, for their business and their clients business too.

Corporate CEOs who want to do authentic business, with authentic sustainable business growth. Growth of People, growth of Business, growth of Market & Industry growth.

Our Mission is global awareness of digital skills required to meet digital strategies.

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Dr Kylie Prince is founder and Executive Director of Digital Leaders Solutions. For over fifteen years Kylie has worked in Corporate and Leadership roles, planning workforce, business and market strategies essentially reinventing and invigorating Corporate productivity.


Kylie has vision that the Corporate World is the essence of transforming the world of work through digitally aligned products supporting People growth and development. In this way, through Corporate the World shall transform rapidly.

We support World Peace solutions.

Dr Kylie Prince PhD

Kylie studied three Psychology degrees including a Master of Organisational Psychology prior earning her PhD in Business Leadership & Transformation.


Kylie's thesis, 'Digital Leadership, transitioning into the digital age' was well received by global peer examiners whom recommended Kylie extend research interest globally, rather than Australian focus.

Kylie's knowledge areas include Corporate Psychology, Digital Leadership, Leadership Development, Digital Transformation Strategies, Digital Skills Development, Corporate Psychotherapy, and How to Run Large Corporate with Love.

Beyond, Kylie has Corporate Research interests in global technologies markets and Forbes 2000 businesses, focusing on bench-marking leadership on a global scale, women in leadership positions, and workforce productivity through digital skills.

Kylie also writes self-help books on building Spiritual potential, or rather, understanding & developing your feelings for trust; and has a thriving career as an abstract impressionist Artist.

Kylie lives in Melbourne, Australia; and has two Gen Z children. In her spare time Kylie likes painting, writing, yoga, gardening, and cooking.