The type of Corporate Research we undertake fits a niche in the market for corporate transformation, to include integration of market, business, organisation, shareholders, in what we refer to search for the perfect corporate.

A perfect corporate adapts to this changing digital environment very well and rapidly. Adaption includes transformation of products, market reach, organizational redesign and of course digital business models. However a perfect corporate not only adapts well, they align these areas as a complete self-functioning ecosystem.

Developing your own corporate ecosystem like this enables business health. That is healthy financial position, steady growth, leader and market disrupted. Leaders who can achieve this are what my research calls Digital Leaders.

My corporate research around Digital Leadership Theory, understands CEOs whom know how to gain the most potential from their workforce for business success. Today success is more than financial, today success is about raising workforce awareness, intelligence, and well-being because People actually feel better about themselves when they feel like they have purpose and meaning. 

Project 1 - Extends Digital Leadership Theory testing, with a proposed model inclusive of both business and organizational competencies to understand how Digital Leaders best influence digital transformation. This research is part 3 of theory testing.

Project 2 - Extends Digital Leadership Theory testing, in regards to shaping a digital skills workforce development framework. Through previous understanding we acknowledge digital skills are predicted by attitude, capabilities, and knowledge; and this framework provides potential Gold in terms of prescribing a digital skills development road-map.


Project 3 - Digital Leadership Theory testing, a corporate case study of transformation. Here, it is envisaged measurable growth in specific areas of revenue, digital skills development, and market reach.

Project 4 - Global study of Forbes 2000 top corporate to understand leadership relationship with current digital economy. Study includes understanding financial position, growth or lack thereof, market reach, current product designs, workforce productivity. These areas shall enable the bench-marking of Digital Leaders, digital transformation needs, digital skills implementation, while providing structure and support for a new concept, called Gross Employee Productivity.